Digital Marketing Made Simple

Serving Peterborough & The Kawarthas

What We Do

We help small businesses in Peterborough and the Kawarthas promote their business online.

You may have a website, or even dabbled in advertising and email marketing, but how much do you know about your customers online? Are you using all the services available to you to promote your business?

We can help with...

Social Marketing
Email Marketing
Insights and Analytics
Customer Engagement
Website Building


We know small business's have small budgets. So we make it affordable by using tools and services to make our lives easier. So no, we don't build websites from scratch, but use tools such as Squarespace, Shopify and Carrd to get you up and running quickly and cheaply.

Every project is different, so we charge $50/hr. Request a quote today to find out how much it would cost you.


We're based in Millbrook, Ontario.

If you want to find out more, or get a quote, reach out to me via email at