Helping you to grow your business. 


The secret to product and business success is knowing your customers.


Working with your team, we will improve your understanding of who your customers are and how we can better serve their needs.



One way to know what your customers want is to ask. If you're looking to understand customer satisfaction or test new products and features, surveying them directly will gain invaluable insights. Together, we will ask the right questions and get the right answers to push the needle in the right direction.


Start Simple

Product Market Fit (PMF) & Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
Building a new product or feature is not a quick or easy task. You could spend a ton of effort in development, only to find out that your customers do not use it, and it does not fit their needs. So if you have an idea for a business or a new feature you want to release, let me provide you with a guide on how to minimize wasted resources and launch something that they want.


Do they love you?

Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Personal recommendations are one of the most powerful marketing opportunities to any business.  But how do you know if your customers are promoters? The NPS is one of the key metrics you should keep an eye on. Let me help create the right NPS strategy for you and get the ball rolling.


Fresh perspective, fresh ideas.


You have spent top dollar to get people to your site, but too many people abandon? Let me help identify the leaks in your funnel and fix them.



You are sitting on a goldmine of data that will help you make key business decisions. This data can help you understand who your users are, how they engage with your product, what marketing efforts are most fruitful, and how design and feature changes impact your conversion rate.


Conversion Rate Optimization Audit

Contact me about auditing your sales funnel. A full report will highlight any issues with your current funnel, provide you prioritized actionable recommendations and list potential tests that will help boost your conversion rate. 



The goal of growth hacking is to drive growth through the process of iterative improvement.

Plan • Implement • Analyze • Repeat

Through this approach, you can quickly learn what works and what doesn't. There are a lot of pitfalls to be wary of when starting growth hacking.  To make sure you get started on the right foot, let me mentor your team on the process!


Do what you love, leave the technology to me.


Finding top digital talent is tough. So if you're looking for a performance boost, or assessing tool and vendor integration, leave it to me. 




You have an awesome product, but are looking to take it to the next level.  Let me work with you to build out a release roadmap, plan for talent and digital transformation strategy.



If you're looking for a vendor through an RFP, or simply looking to choose a platform to offer new functionality, and are not sure how to assess, let me guide you to make that right choice.



Let's take your website and make it lightning fast! Speed improvements lead to an increase in user experience, customer happiness and conversion rate. Win win.


Search Engine OptimiZation (SEO)

This is the holy grail for most companies. Becoming the #1 search result in Google. Free traffic is awesome! Let me walk you through some strategies to build upon your search position.

Keep your ROI and CPA under control.


Confused by the marketing jargon? Not sure how to get started? Want to bring life to your lists? Having the knowledge on how to do it will ensure you do not blow your marketing budget and allow you to squeeze more conversions out of your campaigns. Let me coach you on the best approach for your business.




Looking to improve the efficiency of your email campaigns? I'll help with your email conversion through split testing, customer segmentation and personalization and tool selection.



Why not tap into the biggest advocate of all for your brand - your customers! There are a lot of referral tools available on the market.  I will do the leg work to help you find the best suited to your needs.


PAID Marketing (Search, Display & Social)

Paying for traffic but getting no bites? I'll work with you to optimize for conversion. We'll tackle copy, audience set-up, keyword analysis and landing pages.